About Us

A Roadmap of Innovations

In its more than 65 years, CSL has made major contributions in a variety of fields. Here are some landmark achievements:

  • An Emmy Award for inventing the flat-panel, plasma display monitor
  • PLATO, the first computer-assisted instructional program in the world
  • The electric vacuum gyroscope, making it possible for nuclear submarines to navigate the world while submerged for months
  • Innovative universal receivers for CDMA communications
  • The Secret Sharing System to protect information from inadvertent damage and covert tampering
  • The first multiprocessor using microprocessors
  • The first binaural hearing aid
  • The linear approach to estimating the 3-D motion of objects from a sequence of 2-D images
  • Massively increased efficiency of image reconstruction from medical scanners by a factor of 20 to 1000
  • First to create a technique for the building and testing of reliable circuits
  • First to apply signal processing to optical fiber communication systems